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Monday, 26 May 2014

Careful Now By Holly Searle

Remember the second world war? It was that global event that ended seventy years ago. The main protagonist was this delusional megalomaniac called Hitler.

He had this crazy notion, that he and his followers could develop this ethnically cleansed, homophobic new world order. Hitler rose to power in the wake of the great depression in Germany. In the shadow of the an economic downturn and mass unemployment. The German people needed a leader that they believed would restore Germany.

In that precarious moment, history changed forever.

Now, just hold that thought for a moment and review all that has happened politically in the last week.

Now whilst I do not agree with the masses, it does not surprise me why so many people have voted the way that they have.

But, careful now, for you reap what you sow, and this is all starting to look a little too much like history repeating itself.

Whilst Dave may think that he is doing his true blue best for Britain, all he has actually done has looked after his own. And in doing so, he has overlooked those that have suffered because of it. He has been seen to act with far too much hesitation when dealing with those who have been a little to lacks when it comes to their financial arrangements. Be those expenses or tax avoidance.

In the media savvy no safe hiding place world that we all live in, those that hold positions of power, that have been awarded their office by the votee or by their leader, and have been outed in the worst Frank Underwood manner. All appear to lack any form of immediate contrition for their actions. You have to wonder, but not too much, just what sort of mixed messages this is sending to those that would not be afforded the same, simply due to the fact that they are just ordinary everyday people like you and I.

If they do not pay their taxes, guess what, they don't get away with it. If they diddle the books, guess what, they get caught and have to face the consequence of their actions.

One rule for one, one for the other. That is the message, and that is not an equal, fair or right way to manage things.

Then there is Ed. Someone needs to tell him the truth, and the truth is that he isn't a strong enough alternate. He is an ineffectual leader that lacks the commend and one that does note instil any passion. If anything he is dull and boring.

And then there is Nick. A man who thought that if he took the job, it might, just might work in his favour. But guess what? In doing so he has lost sight of it all. And whenever I see Nick, I just hear Jessie Pinkman in my head shouting "Yo Bitch!".

The people are bored. Bored with your favourites and lies. Your plication of your own in favour of the reality that normal people live every day, has just made the masses gag.

We are an island that is managed by clowns it would seem. A circus that has been joined by a caricature from a 1970's sitcom. A man who unlike all of you looks like a clown. And in this moment, when the general population are feeling let down by your crimes and misdemeanors, he has arrived in his jesters hat, shaking his bells, and has attracted the attention of those who you have overlooked. And now you will have to face the fact that you have all made this possible.

He is the invention of your ignorance. A symptom, rather than the cure of all that is wrong with this island.

We live in a nasty sexist, homophobic and racist society. And now it would appear that all of those nasty sexists homophobic racists have a voice.

Where are all the women in those top jobs? Where is the voice of reality? And where are all of those that should be looking out for the welfare and future of the planet?

In a town called Nowhere obviously.

And to the celebrity that incited the notion that he had never voted as he didn't believe in it, and believed that a people's revolution was due. Is this the sort of revolution that you envisaged?

And to all of those who fought for humanity during the second world war, how you must be shaking your collective heads now and wondering how it came to this.

And now we will all have to pay the price.

So go careful now.


sonia shuter said...

Excellent piece of writing Holly and I share your sentiments as will many others /

sonia shuter said...

A really good piece of writing Holly and I like many others share your sentiments. We are all weary of politics and politicians and need a rethink.