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Monday, 31 December 2012

Resolutions By Holly Searle

I never really make New Year Resolutions.

I just really go with the ebb and flow of life and accept what arrives in the post.

However, this last year has been a bit of a learning curve for me. And so I have decided that on the strength of all that I have learnt in 2012, I shall be making a few changes.

First of all I have decided that time is quite important.

It is ruthless in its continual ticking.

I should imagine this is due to the fact that I will be hitting a landmark birthday this coming year. And knowing that, makes me realise that I do not want to waste any more of it with people whose company I find quite irritating.

Like a reversed New Year's Honours List, I shall be rewarding myself by veering away from the company of those energy vampires whom I feel I have given enough of my time too without any personal rewards.

I think I may call it The Epiphany of My Dotage.

Come on, you have to admit that there are people in your life that you just get to a point with where you mentally throw your hands in the air and roll your eyes.

They wear you out, but you forgive them time and time again, until it just becomes a little dull and boring.

Well as 2013 begins, I will be whacking Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli's Time to Say Goodbye on my stereo and theatrically waving farewell to them all.

I shall find this process very liberating.

The second thing I shall be taking on board my ship a lot more often as it sails through 2013, will be those that I love.

I shall also follow my instincts as far as prospective suitors are concerned and keep my wits about me.

Although as the years are passing by at such a hectic rate and taking their toll on me, I doubt that this is something I shall be having to worry too much about.

And that is fine too.

I am kind of giving up worrying about it all now.

I have been carrying the possible relationship albatross around my shoulders for so many years now, it has passed away and has been stuffed by taxidermist for good measure.

I think I shall get rid of it now and just pop that bubble for good and forget about it (as I practically have).

For me 2013 will be all about me and mine and new beginnings and working towards the possibility of finishing my book.

In the spirit of the expected norm in the resolution stakes, I shall try not to eat as much and take better care of myself.

I shall endeavour to make better choices.

I shall smile and laugh more often and not let people upset me too much.

I shall read more books.

I shall write more often.

And I shall resist the temptation to make self-depreciating jokes at my own expense.

I shall say 'Yes' and mean it. And more importantly, I shall say 'No' and mean it.

On New Year's Eve just after Big Ben has sounded out the last of its twelve chimes, I always let the old year out through the back door and the new one in via the front door.

As I walk from one door to the other, I shall take a moment to have a ponder within that space in which no year yet exists.

Within those few moments of that as yet to be dated space, I shall strengthen my resolve for all that is ahead. And then, when I am ready for it, I shall open the front door and welcome 2013 with a big smile upon my face.

Happy New Year to you all.

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